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Different Cultures,
Different Choices

Our services are extremely aware of the need to take into consideration the various personal requests of the family. These personal requests include incorporating the rituals of the relevant cultures or religion. They are all capable of servicing such needs directly or indirectly. Each culture and religion have specific rituals, which must be obeyed. Rest assured these requests can be followed. 

When you talk to one of our staff, they will be more than happy to accommodate these wishes.

Similarly people may opt for either a traditional or more modern funeral, or perhaps compromise between the two. All such requests can be arranged within reason. For instance, you may like some modern music played at the service. Requests can include everything from live musicians performing at a service to releasing doves. This is only limited by your imagination. Increasingly people choose to view funerals as a celebration of a life. Most requests can be accommodated by speaking to our staff.

Personalising the funeral

  • Organise for the deceased’s favourite music to be played – taped or live performance.
  • Place a photo of the deceased on the coffin for the service.
  • Place personal items on the coffin for the service – from a favourite fishing hat 

          to a much-loved painting, it will add to the atmosphere.

  • Involve family and friends – to deliver the eulogy, read a poem religious passages.
  • Arrange for clubs or organisations to attend perhaps forming a guard of honour.
  • Close family members (including children) could place a single flower on the coffin or into the grave as part of the service.
  • Arrange for family/friends to act as pallbearers.
  • Meet with the person who will be conducting the service to plan the service fully.
  • You can discuss other options and ideas with our staff.


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